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Nursing Scholarships for International Students in Canada 2022/2023 (Apply Now)

Nursing Scholarships for International Students in Canada: Are you looking for Canadian scholarships for nurses?


We understand that becoming a nurse can be very expensive.

And many would have been nurses ditching the dream because they couldn’t afford it.

Well, here is some good news, you can study and become a nurse on scholarship.


In this article, we have carefully articulated the list of nursing scholarships for international students who want to study in Canada.

These Canadian Scholarships provide nurses with the necessary resources required to obtain quality education at an affordable cost.

And sometimes even free.


On a general note they come on merit as long as the recipient is in need of financial aid.

These scholarships are open to different levels of nursing programs and available to international students to study in different universities and colleges.

However, some of them come with some criteria and national restrictions as to who can apply.

Therefore, carefully go through this piece and find the perfect scholarship for you.

It’s possible to go through school without the thought of tuition.

Find out more below!!!

What Degrees Are There For Nursing In Canada?

Nursing schools in Canada offer the following degrees depending on what you seek;

  • Diploma
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Nursing
  • Ph.D. programs.

What are the Requirements To Study Nursing in Canada?

Depending on which of the above-mentioned programs you are going for, the requirements will differ.

However, here’s a list of the general requirements you will need to apply for nursing programs in Canada;

  • Writing samples
  • Statement of intent.
  • Recommendation letters
  • An average high school grade of C.
  • High school certificate (English, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry are the main subjects)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS, Pearson, or TOEFL)

Any additional requirement is school-specific.

What’s the Cost Of Studying Nursing in Canada?

Nursing programs in Canada are cheaper than in the United States and the United Kingdom.

From research, nursing students in Canada will require between C$20,000 and C$30,000 per year for tuition.

This cost will vary depending on the level and program of study.

Most students find this cost expensive but we can say it’s less than the content and quality of education offered in Canadian nursing schools.

However, to help international students be part of Canada’s unmatchable education, there are a lot of nursing scholarships available.

Does Canada Offer Scholarships to Nurses?

Yes, there are a lot of Canadian scholarships for nurses.

If you want to become a nurse, you will have to contend with a lot of financial needs while learning about health and medical care.

Scholarships for nurses in Canada are a great way for students to get out of that mess.

And yea, Canada has a lot of it in its scholarship pool for you to choose from.

Want to know how to get it?

How Do I Get Scholarships for Nurses in Canada?

70% of all scholarship applicants say it’s a very tedious process.

And to an extent, I can agree.

But since my years of helping students get the perfect scholarship, I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing an expert’s advice cannot fix.

Like most other scholarship opportunities, you need to understand what you’re looking for and look for them in the right places.

Here’s some tip to help you;

1. Do your Research

What scholarship do you want?

Is it a university-sponsored, government, or organizational scholarship?

Are you eligible?

Find out all the details and prepare your application documents.

2. Apply Early

Although there is no guarantee that it’s the early applicants that get the scholarship.

However, it’s necessary to help you gather the documents you require and send in your application before the deadline.

3. Seek Advice

I’m sure you’re a genius, but there are people who have surfed this path before you, asking them to show you the stunts they pulled.

That will save you a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

4. Gather the Documents Required

All scholarships require certain scholarships.

For international students who want to go for nursing scholarships in Canada, the requirements are unique depending on the scholarship.

You need to find out what the scholarship requires.

Following these steps will help you find the scholarship that suits your needs educationally.

Take note of the deadlines for application as well.

In What Languages Do You Study Nursing In Canada?

The main language instruction in most Canadian institutions of higher learning is English.

However, a few courses are instructed in French or both.

Top Nursing Scholarships For International Students in Canada

Here are various Scholarships for nurses in Canada 2022;

  • Sunshine Behavioural Health Opioid Awareness Scholarship
  • The friends of Mary Seacole funding for international students 2022-2023
  • SGS Dean’s funding for International Students in Canada 2022-2023
  • ECU Nursing & midwifery PhD Positions for international students in Australia
  • Global Excellence postgraduate placements at the University of Dundee in UK, 2022-2023
  • University of Excellence Scholarships for International Students in Australia, 2022
  • William K. Schubert Minority Nursing funding for international students in the USA
  • MPOWER Nursing Program for International Students, 2022
  • Western Sydney International Undergraduate Financial Aid In Australia
  • University of Dundee Global Excellence Scholarships in UK, 2022
  • Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Hungary Scholarships for Pakistani Students, 2022-2023
  • Aspen Foundation Indiginous Health Scholarship at University of Newcastle in Australia, 2022
  • Barts Charity Nurse/AHP Clinical Research Fellowships for International Students in UK, 2022
  • Nursing/Paramedicine Scholarships at Australian Catholic University, 2022


1. Sunshine Behavioral Health Opioid Awareness Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: $500

Application Deadline: December 1 Each Year

Sunshine Behavioral Health funds students across the USA with the Opioid Awareness funds.

Asides from nurses, this scholarship is awarded to students who are in pursuit of a health-related degree program.

Courses must be in a medical field from an accredited college or university.

This scholarship is not university-specific.

You can barge the scholarship and attend any nursing school of your choice in Canada.

2. The Friends of Mary Seacole Funding for International Students

Scholarship Amount: Not Specified

Application Deadline: October 31, Each Year

The Friends of Mary Seacole Funding is one of the scholarships for International Students to study in Canada.

It’s sponsored by the University of West London.

To qualify for this scholarship, you must be an international student from the United Kingdom, European Union, and other countries.

Via this scholarship, students can undertake undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in nursing at any university of their choice in Canada.

3. SGS Dean’s funding for International Students in Canada

Scholarship Amount: Not Specified

Application Deadline: Varies

The University of Lethbridge offers scholarships to students who want to study nursing at the university.

This scholarship helps students focus on their education.

SGS Dean’s Scholarship is open to high achieving Canadian citizens as well as international students who want to study in Canada on scholarship.

However, it is only open to nursing students pursuing their master’s degrees.

4. ECU Nursing & midwifery PhD Positions

Scholarship Amount: Not Specified

Application Deadline: November 02, Each Year

If you’re an Australian international student seeking to study in Canada on scholarship, this is the scholarship for you.

This is a scholarship sponsored by the famous Edith Cowan University open to Australian students who are pursuing a PhD program in nursing and midwifery.

ECU Nursing & Midwifery Phd positions are ideal for candidates who wish to kick-start a Ph.D. research degree in Nursing & Health and Community Care.

5. Global Excellence Postgraduate Placements

Scholarship Amount: $500

Application Deadline: November 8, Each Year

Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship is one of the scholarships for nurses in Canada.

This scholarship 8s fully sponsored by the University of Dundee to nurses who want to run a Postgraduate program.

Beyond Canada, this scholarship is open to high achieving United Kingdom, European Union, and overseas participants.


Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian scholarships for nurses

Is there any scholarship for nursing?

yes! there are numerous nursing scholarships for international students to study in Canada. All you need is the right information as provided in this article.

How can I get a nursing scholarship in Canada?

Are you a full-time nursing student? there are opportunities for you to get funding for your nursing school in Canada. all you need to follow the step-by-step process listed in this article.

How can I get full scholarship in Canada?

You will need to submit an essay to apply and the scholarship is open to all nationalities. Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships – The Trudeau Foundation offers a number of scholarships, fellowships, and mentorships to international students at doctoral level undertaking study in Canada at selected institutions.


These Canadian scholarships for nurses are one way to study in Canada for free. We hope this piece brings your study in Canada’s dream alive.

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