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Healthcare jobs with sponsors in Canada 2022/2023 (Apply Now)

There is no doubt that the healthcare industries are the most popular and prominent in the past decades.


The industry has calculated a lot of positive changes over the years. With the help or assistance of the world’s technology, it is seen that the healthcare industry has increased in innovation drastically.

From having a few hospitals in local areas and regions, the industry has gone to having several giants and well-equipped hospitals across many top countries.

Not only that, but the healthcare industry also has increased tremendously in the number of doctors and practitioners.


More Things You Need To Know About Healthcare

In every corner and region of the world, healthcare has dominated other industries, even in your city, you will find it there.

One of the good news is that healthcare providers are now giving patients nice treatment and encouragement, providing all they need to get good health, giving them the opportunity to meet specialists and consultants, assess treatments and as well medication.

With a long intro about healthcare, I believe you would have gained some knowledge, you need to know the trend of how things work in the healthcare region because you might need it later in the future especially if you are searching for Jobs.


Well, in this article, I am going to share with you the courses you need to know in healthcare services in case you may want to apply for a scholarship.

Wait, not only that but I will also provide available job opportunities with sponsors that you can take on in case you need a healthcare job in Canada.

Courses Under Healthcare Services

As said earlier, my topic of discussion will be based on courses and available job opportunities with sponsors that are based in Canada. Now, take your glass of wine and read through.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistance is a great course under health services, this course gives a lot of positive information regarding health and also provides hands to hands and physical training for those who will be interested in working as a medical assistant.

This training will typically take up to 2 years to get a certificate.

Nursing Associate

Just like medical assistance, a nursing associate course is created for those who are interested in becoming a full and registered nurse. This training takes four years for you to complete and get a certificate.

Medical Billing And Coding Specialist

This is also a great course and it is prepared for training students on how to code medical data. An example of the data to be learned is how to process patient information, and generate medical bills. Now, let’s move on to the available jobs around healthcare services in Canada.

Part-time And Full-time Jobs Available In Healthcare Services In Canada

Health Care Assistant

Working as a health care assistant is a nice job indeed, but it does not only end here. According to the Vancouver Island Health Authority, the applicants must possess some qualities such as having good vision, values and purpose.

He or she must also possess the ability to organize, communicate effectively and the ability to operate medical-related equipment.

Your mission is to provide utmost safety in all aspects, in case of any health issue, you must report to a nurse manager, and you must meet the hygiene, comfort and needs of the patients you are allocated to.

According to a fair pay policy and job description, the pay for this type of job is around 26 Canadian dollars per hour.


You can apply as a full time worker in this form of job in canada. But before you will be chosen and to be a great housekeeper, you must strive for greatness and you must deliver a nice job pertaining to given instructions.

You must be careful, seek for perfection, you must take pride in your work and you must not relent. To get this kind of job in Canada in a healthcare service, you don’t need to have any experience.

Although, having a little experience will give you an edge and the pay is estimated to be around 25 Canadian dollars per hour.

Nursing Assistance 

As for someone searching for healthcare workers in Canada, you can get a permanent job to work as a nursing assistant.

The requirements are that you must be able to communicate, perform various tasks for your patients and must maintain good hygiene.

Know that you can get a sponsor for this kind of job but you must have gone through nursing assistant training/nursing assistance programs as said above. The pay for this job is around 19 Canadian dollars per hour.

Patient Care Aide

This usually comes out as a part-time job, if you are willing to work as a patient care aide, you must ensure you can provide support and required services to patients.

It is your job to be able to assist nursing staff with care of patients and must also be able to transfer patients by means of wheelchair and other movement structures or equipment.

You must be regular at work and must also be reliable. The pay is around 25 Canadian dollars per hour.

Health Case Aide

Just like a patient care aide, and for you to get this type of job in a healthcare service in Canada, you must be able to demonstrate flexibility and rigidity. Not only that but you must also be fluent in your spoken English.

You must also show support for patients in your ward and pursue self development opportunities. Know that you must be able to be involved in physical activities such as transferring patients and equipment. The pay for this job is around 19 Canadian dollars per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Interested in getting a Job around Canada in healthcare, these are a few questions you might have been asking.

Can I get Sponsored to work in Canada? 

Although it is proven not to be easy, but the answer is that yes, you can get a sponsorship. However, if you are not a citizen of Canada or you don’t have a permanent residence permit, it will not be easy to get a job under any health care services.

Can I move to Canada as a healthcare assistance? 

Yes. Like I said above and with deep facts, it is not easy but it is possible, you just need to follow proper instructions, and do more research so you can stand a chance of getting the job.

How much do healthcare employees earn in Canada?

According to research, the average salary for a worker in Canadian healthcare is estimated at around 49,000 Canadian dollars in a year.


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